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SizeUp Lee is a dynamic benchmarking tool developed by GIS Planning.  This easy-to-use, data-rich platform enables any local business, regardless of size or industry, to see how they can most efficiently do business in Lee County. SizeUp Lee enables a user to better understand the competition, consumer expenditures, underserved markets, and much more.


Data analytics are becoming increasingly more important for businesses that want to grow, and remain competitive.  What is most important to understand is that data is not only important to large organizations – the benefit of having access to the right data is now imperative for small and mid-size organizations to be successful too.

The Lee County Economic Development Office is committed to the success of our local business community.  Understanding the immediate benefit that a strong data tool provides small to mid-size businesses, our office is offering free access to a reliable and powerful web based analytical tool tailored specifically for the Lee County business community.

The information provided by SizeUp is highly customized, and is presented easily via four straight forward categories:

  • Business & Industry Analysis: Compare your business to your industry competitors through benchmark performance analysis.
  • Advertising Analysis: Find the best places to target your next local advertising campaign.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Map your competitors, customers and suppliers through competitive analysis.
  • Demographic Analysis: Get interactive information about who lives and works in your area.

Each of the four layers can assess overall competitiveness by providing detailed comparison analysis based on location (customized to a place on a map, an address, around an address, or even a custom boundary), revenue, sales and number of employees.

The unique five-year forecasting tool provides projections for demographic changes; occupational growth and hiring forecasts by industry; and workforce needs with projected pay estimates.

For more information, or if you need help with the tool – Contact us using the form below.  If your matter is urgent, feel free to email the EDO Analytics team directly at

SizeUp for Local Business Intelligence (SizeUp LBI) Overview

Coming Soon… Custom Reports

SizeUp is just the beginning!

Coming to complement the SizeUp tool will be our EDO Custom Reports. The EDO custom reports feature will allow users to handpick from multiple reports that provide high-level data down to city block-level reporting.  This custom built offering is being designed specifically to meet the unique needs of any individual business.

Business owners who want to generate a custom report for their business or who have questions should call the Economic Development Office at (239) 338-3161 to schedule an appointment.