Horizon Council

The voice of business in Lee County

The Horizon Council is a public-private board established in 1991 to advise the Lee County Board of Commissioners on economic development issues. The Council has up to 80 members representing cities; chambers of commerce; economic development and trade organizations; community, business, and education organizations; along with various officers and at-large members.

The Horizon Council is the voice of business in Lee County. The Council’s mission is to improve Lee County’s business environment, retain and encourage the expansion of existing businesses, and attract new and diversified employers. It is the only public-private partnership of Lee County Government and business leaders.

Committees –

  • Bylaws/Governance Committee
  • Business Issues Committee
  • Sports Development Committee
  • Inclusion and Diversity Committee
  • Aerospace Committee
  • Fashion and Fashion Manufacturing Committee

If you’re interested in joining a committee, please contact Lee County Economic Development Office at 239-533-6800.

2021 HC Members
2021 Horizon Council Meeting Calendar